Day 24-25: Brush Mountain Lodge to Steamboat To Cow-Pie Field

After an awesome stay at the Brush Mountain Lodge, we set out with hopes of making it the 50 miles to Steamboat Springs by the early afternoon to have work done on our bikes. The road started off pretty mellow, got a bit rugged, and then turned up. It was a steep rocky section that took us over the pass. We stopped at the top, hiked a small hill and took in the view while eating lunch. We were feeling good and began the descent, which quickly became more work than the climb. Finding a good line through the rocks and ruts slowed our progress and added to the stress on our camera bags. We had to stop a couple times to secure them in place while we continued down the rugged descent.

We finally made it to the highway and put the hammer down on the smooth pavement, working hard to make up lost time into town. Unfortunately we arrived too late in the afternoon for the shop to work on our bikes and were forced to stay the night. We took the opportunity to sample delicious beers and fuel up on burritos. After a pretty lousy night of sleep we got to the shop at opening and they set off to work. It seemed to take forever. After breakfast and hanging around a while, we finally received our bikes and got rolling. It was early afternoon and hot. It wasn’t long before the lack of sleep began to set in. We decided to take a power nap at the first bit of shade we saw. On the side of a small rocky driveway under the edge of a few small bushes, we did our best to sleep. After 20 minutes we got up, ate lunch and continued the climb up Lynx Pass. Our moods were still pretty sour as we heard a car approaching, we pulled to the side to allow them to pass, when we heard a woman shout out the passenger window, “you guys want a beer?” It was a couple we had ridden with a bit earlier in the day, who were on their way to a party. They pulled over and we all shared beers on the side of the road. The sun was getting lower and our moods were shifting. It was just what we needed to push on a few more hours before we found a nice primitive campsite in a cow-pie filled field.










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