Day 5: Eureka to Red Meadow Lake

After the tough ride the previous day, we decided to take a lazy morning before heading out. We walked around Eureka and ate a giant breakfast at Cafe Jax. After consuming way too much food and coffee, we slowly sauntered back to our camp to pack up and set off. We began the ride with a nice 25 mile climb up Whitefish Divide and then descended through a valley strewn with fallen trees crushed by avalanche. Eventually, we made it to the last climb of the day, up to Red Meadow Lake. The ride got steep, slow, and just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it began to rain.  We finally found our campsite for the night and set about making camp. The rain finally stopped and our moods lifted as we ate dinner, drank whiskey, and looked up at the amazing stars as the clouds cleared in the night sky.










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