The Great Divide

We are setting off on an adventure of epic proportions. 2,800 miles. 90% unpaved. 200,000 feet of elevation gain, 2 provinces, 5 states. Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM. It’s called the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.


Our vision and ultimate goal is the creation of a high quality photobook that documents our story as we meet the challenges this trip presents. According to, the GDMBR is rich in history. We will encounter ghost towns, deserted mines, and wagon routes. The route will also take us within the proximity of several national parks such as Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton. Our objective is to document this route in two parts. First, we will photograph the impact that development has on nature. The scars of mining, deforestation, abandoned buildings, as well as what nature has done to reclaim that which was once its own.

The second part focuses on our personal struggle as we ride the difficult 2,800 miles. The route is remote, long, and arduous and this is what will challenge us the most. It will be us against the elements, Man vs. Nature. Our personal triumphs and struggles, combined with spectacular photography of our surroundings, will be documented and crafted into a beautiful photo essay that gives an insight into this remote and rugged trail.

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