A Ride of Ice and Fire

We had planned an overnight bike packing trip weeks in advance, there was nothing that was going to stop us. Not breaking spokes, losing spare parts, catching a flat, riding into the night, breaking a tent, packing far too little whiskey, or the realization that nothing is ever truly waterproof. Did we forget to mention that a major winter storm just dumped over 8 inches of snow the day prior? It made for a pretty demoralizing start to this trip. But once we finally had set up camp, using twine to mend the broken tent pole and helping ourselves to our limited whiskey, we finally felt as though the tides had turned on our luck. Sitting around the glowing campfire, with a clear night sky and the Potomac River as our backdrop, we enjoyed our bowlfuls of steaming hot rice and beans, and knew we made the right decision.



Ballston, Va- Eric Baldwin, Academic Advisor  at Marymount University.


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